Are Sectional Doors a Good Idea?

Are Sectional Doors a Good Idea?

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Deciding on which garage door to get is hard, as it requires getting into details. Selecting the right door type is always the most confusing part unless you know exactly what you want and have the space for it. The first question that pops into mind is whether to get sectional doors instead of one-piece ones. At first glance, one might think this is a matter of personal preference but this is not always the case. There's a reason why most homes have sectional doors and the advantages coming with such a choice are plenty.Are Sectional Doors a Good Idea?

Pros and cons of sectional doors

When one must decide on a new garage door, measuring the garage space is one of the first priorities. The catch is that some doors open outwards or need some space in the driveway in order to open. One-piece doors would extend outwards before they open upwards and if you fail to measure the space outside, you might end up with the wrong door. When there's no space outside, sectional doors are the only solution since they only need space in the garage. You actually have two choices for sectional doors: slide up or overhead door solutions.

The good news is that sectional doors have many advantages. Apart from occupying minimum space, they're also stronger. They have two or more different panels and each panel is connected with a different door track as opposed to one piece doors, which rely on one garage door track in each side. This makes sectional doors stronger and resistant. Panels are connected with hinges and they can be easily replaced individually. So, if one of the panels is damaged for any reason, you can just replace this section of the door and not the entire door.

Although this is good for your wallet, there is a slight problem here. Manufacturers tend to keep garage door replacement sections for about fifteen years. If you need to change a section of the door in a later stage, it might be hard to find a replacement. Also the color of the new panel will be more intense, but then again such issues are fixed with repairs and painting. If you worry about finger injuries in between the sections, Amarr produced doors with pinch protection sections which won't leave room for fingers. So, accidents can be avoided, too.

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