MDM Garage Door Co, Del Mar, CA



San Diego County’s MDM-Garage-Door-Co, is the finest garage-doors manufacturing firm. Our technicians have earned admirable name, reputation and client satisfaction by offering professional assistance and flawless services. These are the key factors which helped in us in gaining the trust of numerous clients in very lesser time-span. We also have good-hand manufacturing party-tents, green-houses, portable-buildings & vehicle-covers as well. We present flexibility to our clients to get their garages-door designed with their selection from wide-ranging colors and styles; our main motive is to do all the needful so you can rely on us at any moment. We have team of expert and dedicated technicians who up-lift our value and without such hard-work the success of our company couldn’t have been achievable. These features of our team services enable us to assist our regular clients and help more and more of new clients as working with us is most comfortable for them. Our technicians make sure not to leave any loop-hole and deliver their level best to offer flawless solution and leave client with no qualms.



We do not merely supply but help you for installation of garage-doors and related repairs in case any trouble arises. Always remember that garage-door-repairs are not something to be neglected and must be followed with instant professional service-provider assistance. Thinking that handling it manually can also be done can leave you with dangerous injury and sever-consequences. Technicians of our company make sure to enable flawless installation and regular monthly-services. The garages-door demands timely maintenance service so that it can work with no issues all season. The span of maintenance services required is monthly and the process involves:


  • Garages-door cleaning-services
  • Adequate lubrication
  • Tracks contraction, or any loose garage-door parts


These services will assure that your garages-door will work effectively; some broken power-supply may still create some imbalance operations of garages-door. Issues that can arise are automatic opening or closing, partial-door-opening and improper door-closing. We help you in every month proper door maintenance services. You need not to worry any more for sudden repair issues for your garages-door.


If garages-door needs a replacement we can help you with that too and can guide you choose the finest alternative. If any problem occurs with your garage-door you can call our team any-time and they will be ready to help you. We can solve any of your garages-door issues like:


  • Cable’s-replacement
  • Door’s-replacement
  • Timely- scheduled-maintenance
  • Spring’s-replacement
  • Door’s-window’s-replacement
  • Door’s-sections-replacement
  • Realignment’ & track’s repairs
  • Enable loose tracks & springs-tightening, springs along with other loosen elements
  • Installations & repairing garages-door-opener
  • Adequate-lubrication


We have expertise in repair-services which is a key reason behind our clients being happy to work with us.